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What is Modern Shamanism®?
The Course and Community
336 Steps to Your Ultimate Freedom
Who Are The Master Guides?
Reasons to Practice Modern Shamanism®
Modern Shamanism is a distillation of everything a modern person needs in his or her spiritual life to have it be real and powerful in his or her daily life. These are some common themes that modern people pursue and fulfill in Modern Shamanism:
  • Fulfilling relationships (marriage, parenting, friendships, finding love, etc.)
  • Unlimited financial potential (a new business, promotions, raise, security, etc.)
  • Unleashing creativity (innovations, originality, inventing, artistic explorations, etc.)
  • Health & well-being (physical health, motivation, exercise, nutrition, etc.)
  • The ultimate tools for self-help (depression, anxiety, sorrow, grief, traumas, etc.)
  • Mysticism & spirituality (transcendental experiences, divine knowledge, abilities etc.)

Members who have participated in Modern Shamanism have shared with us the following achievements in their first three months of practice:
  • Transcendence of depression – no longer needing anti-depressants
  • Reconciliation with spouse
  • Finding new love
  • Increased productivity
  • Innovative insights and creativity
  • Started new business
  • Transcendental mystical experiences
  • Healthy relationships with friends and co-workers
  • Parents who started new fulfilling relationships with their children
  • Having time to enjoy life and do things they love
  • Releasing traumas, grief and pain from their past
  • New fulfilling relationships with divinity

They attribute these transformations and success to Modern Shamanism. They report that their participation yields not just insights or improvements, but lasting results and changes that expand and unfold over time.

Who Participates?

People from every walk of life have joined and participate in Modern Shamanism®. When we launched, the immediate attraction was to people with interest in spirituality, mysticism, exploration and connection to spirit. As modern people have been looking deeper at the content of the course, the community, the testimonials and word of mouth, the list of participants has grown to now include celebrities, government officials, business owners, entrepreneurs, physicians, artists, college graduates, retirees, parents, singles, married couples, professionals etc.

People who participate in Modern Shamanism® are one of the following:
  • People who want to improve or change aspects of their lives in a meaningful and enduring manner
  • People who have tried different mainstream and new-age programs but found that those programs have not worked for them long term
  • People who want to explore spirituality with shamanic tools

These are people who consider that life is an ongoing opportunity that they want to fulfill.

The word of mouth and loyalty of the participants has been key to the growth of Modern Shamanism among the western culture because of the misconception that this is a traditional practice. The truth is that it is a modern practice, which incorporates new and ancient techniques. Modern Shamanism has within it the tools to transform any and every aspect of a modern person's life, while enriching it with enchantment and beauty.

The Cost


We charge money for Modern Shamanism because we are modern. In traditional shamanistic cultures, payments come in different forms. The shaman is given gifts of value that represent the needs of the shaman to be able to exist and survive. So while the shaman does not charge money for his services, he is given bags of rice, plantains, tobacco, canoes, paddles, chickens, clothing, pots, pans, cups, silverware, machetes, axes and help in building his home, etc.

Tribal societies also have a buy-in for learning shamanism. It is a system of taxation called 'you participate' in collective work projects. For example: clearing the agricultural plot for the community, helping grow food, going on collective hunts, all which support the community.

In Modern Shamanism we have a single buy-in. Once you enter there are no additional expenses, no upgrades or additional levels that require further payment. Once you enter you will have all the resources of the course and community at your disposal. This allows you to participate and live within the experience of Modern Shamanism.

The payment is not for shamanism or for knowledge. That is free to the world, just as it was free to us to channel this divine wisdom into this course for people.

Modern Shamanism represents the tribal community that is lost in modern society. Your buy-in fee serves three purposes:
  • It is your membership fee to enter and participate in this community
  • It is how you support the existence of the infrastructure of our community within the modern world, where the modern world requires money for existence
  • It is how we grow the community and make this knowledge available to everyone else that would benefit from it

Modern Shamanism has all the tools for life fulfillment, including financial abundance. We have already used these tools and we know they work. Modern Shamanism is our labor of love. Learn through Modern Shamanism how to gain the freedom to be able do the things that you love and that fulfill you. Take the steps to live the life you've always wanted. Join us in this experience.

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Package details:

  1. Lifetime membership to the Modern Shamanism® community.
  2. Access to the 336-step Modern Shamanism course.
  3. Support from Master Guides in personalized forums.
  4. Audios and Videos to help you master the course.
  5. Pertinent downloadable support materials.
  6. 35% discount for any official Modern Shamanism workshops, events & tours. (This does not include any workshops, events and tours organized by Master Guides)

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