Hamilton Souther
Hamilton Souther
Hamilton Souther, co-founder of Modern Shamanism and author of the Modern Shamanism Course, is a mystical philosopher, artist and Master Ayahuasca & Cannabis Shaman.  He expresses his art and philosophy through shamanic ceremonies, music, disciplines and courses, fusing authentic traditional and modern disciplines of shamanism.Born and raised in California, Hamilton entered into the Peruvian Amazon in 2001, where he trained with locally renowned Master Shamans Julio LLerena Pineo and Alberto Torres Davila, in a traditional apprenticeship.
Coupling cultural anthropology and traditional shamanic practice, Hamilton seeks to solve the spiritual, mental and personal dilemmas of Westerners looking to shamanism as a solution to the lack of enchantment found in their daily lives. The result of that quest is Modern Shamanism and Blue Morpho Club.

About Us

Modern Shamanism is an educational foundation created by Hamilton Souther that was designed to lead modern people through the exploration of shamanic principles in their daily lives.
The founders, after years of study in traditional shamanic systems, have condensed and distilled their knowledge into specific steps to create, for the first time, a comprehensive system for modern people to use in their daily lives to experience healing, love and success. The steps are presented in the form of an online course, as well as workshops and events for the same purposes. The basis for our members’ growth and development is in the Modern Shamanism community, where members interact and support one another.
Modern Shamanism is for people interested in answering their own questions— about the meaning of life, God, Spirit, purpose, self, identity, death, direction, and so on—in a shamanic context, while employing and applying immutable principles in modern society.
We do not promote any specific religions, belief systems, or dogmas. We provide “principles” to be explored in utterly individual ways, allowing for personal development entirely unique to the student.
Our members include people from a wide variety of backgrounds, including filmmakers, body workers, school teachers, business people, artists, engineers, programmers, scientists, and so on. These members, while perhaps appearing vastly different on the surface, share a common need: to engage “Spirit” in life. They want to learn a practice that can be utilized in any form of life or society and that has not been reduced to dogma or doctrine.
The most obvious benefit of Modern Shamanism lies in the uncovering of the Spirit that is already present in the modern world and bringing it to life.  With that understanding, we like to say, “Spirit soars.”

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Malcolm Rossiter is a co-founder Modern Shamanism. He is a highly regarded multidisciplinary shaman (trained in Amazonian, Andean and Modern disciplines). Born and raised in Australia, Malcolm has been working with people in the food, health, nutrition, fitness and spiritual well being industries for over three decades. In 2006, Malcolm started travelling the world studying with Shamans from a wide range of heritages and lineages. As part of his journey he has travelled to over 50 countries studying cultures and people from the depths of the Amazon jungle, through the farthest regions of the Middle Eastern deserts to the small Islands of the Caribbean. Working with the development of Modern Shamanism has allowed Malcolm to combine all of his skills and knowledge and share something that he is highly passionate about with the rest of the world.</div>