Community overview

The practice of any esoteric discipline is aided and enhanced with a community of people who have shared interests and objectives. This is true for Modern Shamanism. While the coursework is the spine of Modern Shamanism, it is in the community where the work is advanced and where each shaman can learn, teach, practice and grow.
We’ve provided a medium for the community but it’s important to realize the strength of the community is all of us, working together to advance our practice more effectively, and just as importantly to make it more enjoyable. It’s easier to do this practice with company, virtual or otherwise.
The Modern Shamanism community on the web is designed for members to interact on any number of levels with fellow Modern Shamanism members. The community is structured by the Modern Shamanism Members themselves. Each Modern Shamanism Member will have different approaches and expertise, and depending on their own work, varying interests and depth of understanding. You can cultivate your own unique form of practice and change and transform over time, at your discretion.

We welcome you and want your participation. This is a place for people of any background or experience. Share yourself with us. Teach us and learn from us. Come on in.