A Personal note from the Founders.

We created Modern Shamanism in order to share the unparalleled healing, self-help, personal growth and transformation found in shamanism with modern society.

Shamanism has within it the ability to completely transform an individual life and the entire world. Due to the fact that shamanism had only existed in traditional cultures, millions of people that need the benefits found in shamanism would never have access to this secret knowledge.
Additionally, the psyche of modern people is structured differently to that of traditional people, and this makes it very difficult for modern people to relate to a shamanism that was meant for the traditional psyche. In order for modern people to get what they want and need from shamanism, they need to be able to relate to it.

We have helped transform thousands of lives with traditional shamanism, but we also sought a better way to get this true spiritual power to more people.

We worked with universal consciousness to create a methodology that would satisfy this need. This gave birth to a path that could satisfy any spiritual or personal need. All you have to do is show up and participate. You bring your needs and the steps will guide you to fulfillment. If you participate, it is guaranteed to work.

Through Modern Shamanism, people can finally have a real and true path to fulfillment. The combination of the course and the community allows for unmatched spiritual and personal growth and life transformation.

As you will see, Modern Shamanism is all about you and your shamanism. There is no guru or master. Modern Shamanism is not about becoming a master, but rather about attaining mastery of your own life and mastery of consciousness. It is non-dogmatic and allows for you to develop your shamanism in your own unique and individual expression.

Modern Shamanism was created for you out of our pure intent to share the mysteries of life with everyone. It is our passion, dedication and gift to everyone.