What you can learn in Modern Shamanism.

Modern Shamanism is a distillation of everything a modern person needs in his or her spiritual life to have it be real and powerful in his or her daily life. These are some common themes that modern people pursue and fulfill in Modern Shamanism:
  • Fulfilling relationships (marriage, parenting, friendships, finding love, etc.)
  • Unlimited financial potential (a new business, promotions, raise, security, etc.)
  • Unleashing creativity (innovations, originality, inventing, artistic explorations, etc.)
  • Health & well-being (physical health, motivation, exercise, nutrition, etc.)
  • The ultimate tools for self-help (depression, anxiety, sorrow, grief, traumas, etc.)
  • Mysticism & spirituality (transcendental experiences, divine knowledge, abilities etc.)

Members who have participated in Modern Shamanism have shared with us the following achievements in their first three months of practice:
  • Transcendence of depression – no longer needing anti-depressants
  • Reconciliation with spouse
  • Finding new love
  • Increased productivity
  • Innovative insights and creativity
  • Started new business
  • Transcendental mystical experiences
  • Healthy relationships with friends and co-workers
  • Parents who started new fulfilling relationships with their children
  • Having time to enjoy life and do things they love
  • Releasing traumas, grief and pain from their past
  • New fulfilling relationships with divinity
They attribute these transformations and success to Modern Shamanism. They report that their participation yields not just insights or improvements, but lasting results and changes that expand and unfold over time.