The Courses.

The Modern Shamanism journey is split into three separate courses.
  • The Foundations course.
  • The Advanced course.
  • The Practitioner course.

The Modern Shamanism Foundations Course.

The Foundations course consists of 8 themes that are broken into a total of 50 steps/activities.

The Modern Shamanism Foundations course is where we guide you through the steps of learning the very foundations of being a Modern Shaman.
In Theme 1 of the course you will start by learning about the basic physical tools that a Modern Shaman uses to communicate with the spirit worlds as well as protection and cleansing. And also you will be guided along the journey of learning about the basic principles and skills that we use.
In theme 2 you learn how to meet, communicate and work with Spirit guides such as:
  • Your Principal guide.
  • Your Protective guide.
  • Your Principal Power animal.
  • Your Transformational Animal Guide.
Each spirit guide that you interact with serves its specific purpose.  They are your shamanic tools.  Most often intangible, but as you will learn, they are effective agents of change, connection, transformation, guidance, and knowledge.
Theme 3 is based on Shamanic Journeying in the Underworld.
The Underworld is a dimension of consciousness that is below the one of ordinary consciousness (Earth, or this world). It is accessed through a visionary gateway that always heads downwards.  The Underworld is in no way connected to the Christian concept of Hell.  Instead, the Underworld is a magical, magnificent place of exploration and healing. It is filled with different kinds of spirits and has no limits or boundaries.  There are an unending number of worlds in the Underworld.
Here you will learn and explore amongst other things, The Place of Knowledge and The Place of Healing.
Theme 4 is all about Shamanic Journeying in the Upperworld.
The Upperworld is defined very much like the Underworld.  It is an endless dimension of shamanic worlds, tools, spirits, and resources.  It is a dimension that is found above the one of ordinary consciousness (Earth, or this world).   It is not found by flying into the sky. The Upperworld is accessed through a visionary gateway that allows for an ascent, or a traveling upward. The Upperworld is in no way connected to the Christian concept of heaven.
In the Upperworld you will learn about Light Medicine (Color Medicine) and work with the Beings of Light.
Theme 5 is where you work in the Divine Realms.
Like the Underworld and Upperworld, the Divine Realms are an infinite shamanic dimension.  They are filled with millions and millions of spirits.  Each of these spirits are representations and manifestations of divine energies, medicine, truth, knowledge and illumination.  This is where the Gods and Goddesses, the Godheads and Deities reside.  This is where the Angels and Archangels live.  This is where you will find all of the Ascended Masters and all of their wisdom. For example, but not limited to: God, Christ, Buddha and Krishna are all here.  This is the home of Wisdom itself.  In Modern Shamanism, these are all incredibly powerful and helpful spirits
In Theme 6 you will learn about Soul Retrieval and Shamanic Healing.
As your practice in Modern Shamanism grows and strengthens, one of the things that you can learn how to do is shamanic healing.  Shamanic healing is different than Western or medical healing in that it addresses your whole being.  Healing from a shamanic perspective is holistic.  It brings resolution to spiritual matters that other kinds of healing cannot because they do not address the spirits that are involved.  As you work with your spirits, you will learn how to address more and more kinds of spirits and your knowledge of how to guide and move these spirits will increase.  This gives you greater capacity as a shaman, and your ability as a shamanic healer will grow.
Themes 7 and 8 are where you learn about The Strata Dimension.
The Strata Dimension is a sub-dimension of the Underworld and Upperworld.  It is unique to Modern Shamanism and an ultimate tool for training everything that exists in your mind (or psyche).  It is defined as a shamanic dimension in which the entire psyche of the shaman is stratified into a hierarchy with an unending series of levels, or strata, below and above any location.  Rather than having your mind always present as a whole, single expression, the Strata Dimension separates each part of your mind into layers so that you can work on each part without having to directly work on the entirety of your psyche.
Palace of Medicine
Fortress of Protection
The Place of Healing
The Safe Space
The Garden of Transformation

The Modern Shamanism Advanced Course

The Advanced Modern Shamanism Course guides you through every single aspect of life based in themes.  It consists of 13 themes with 70 steps/activities that form a complete shamanic practice. 
The Advanced course should only be started once the Modern Shamanism Foundations toolkit is complete. In the Foundations course, you learn a core set of shamanic skills.  These skills form the basis of your practice, and in the Advanced Course you will continue to apply what you've learned in Foundations while deepening your experience and expanding your knowledge even further.  It is here where you will move more fully into a process of deep personal transformation and evolution of your consciousness.
We can look at shamanic practice over time as a process of continuous growth.  We can liken this to the creation of a metaphorical building.  The Foundations Course guides you to literally lay down the foundations of your shamanic practice; in the Advanced Course you will become more proficient with your tools, gain new materials, and build the framework.  With each new theme, you will flesh out details and add a more complete conceptual and practical understanding of the shamanic process.  Shamanic transformation takes on new meaning as your life continues to evolve and express the fulfillment of your path.
Here is a list of some of the steps you will cover in the Advanced Course:
  • Advanced Ritual Practice.
  • How Spirits communicate
  • Communicating with your Principal guide.
  • Channels of Communication
  • Transforming How you communicate
  • Personal Transformation
  • Mapping your Transformation
  • Creating a system of Personal Transformation
  • Redefining Spaces
  • Movement in Space
  • Clarity
  • Trance States
  • Spiritual Lattice
  • Spiritual Lattice Realignment.
  • Spiritual Lattice Restructuring.
  • Transformational Commodities
  • The Structure of Spirits
  • The Middle World
  • Powers and Abilities
  • Strength and Courage
  • The Mind
  • Psychic abilities
  • Vision
  • Defining Creativity
  • Mental Training
  • Retraining how you think.
  • Perception
  • Time
  • Shamanic Commodities
  • Releasing Doubt and Delusion
  • Knowledge
  • Thought versus Knowledge
  • Spatial Exploration
  • Duality
  • Rituals and Ceremonies

The Modern Shamanism Practitioner Course

The Modern Shamanism Practitioner Course is for people that have completed the Foundations and Advanced courses and want to use their Shamanic skills at a Professional level.
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