What is Modern Shamanism?

Modern Shamanism is a unique practice, teaching, philosophy and expression.
It consists of two Modern Shamanism Courses and the Modern Shamanism Community. The courses are built into Foundation level and Advanced level. The Foundation course has 50 steps and the Advanced course has 70 steps. The courses teach the practice of Modern Shamanism through our comprehensive spiritual restructuring system. The Modern Shamanism community supports everyone that is learning the practice.
Modern people may practice shamanism but they are not practicing Modern Shamanism.
Modern Shamanism is the unique practice of founding shamans from our own culture. We are modern people and this is our shamanism. It is not a modification of other forms of shamanism; it is a completely new shamanism specifically designed for the modern person.
Modern Shamanism is non-dogmatic and is not a belief system.
The courses and the community support and guide you as you take the steps. The steps form a comprehensive geometric restructuring system that is designed to bring into your life the changes and transformation that you seek. All you have to do is participate and take the steps.


The vision of Modern Shamanism is to share the unique discipline we call “Modern Shamanism” with people living in modern societies. This discipline combines immutable principles that apply to all people with the exploration of Spirit in a shamanic context.

The Modern Shaman is a member of the modern world and is living a so-called “normal” life in conjunction with the principles of Modern Shamanism, not a modern person trying to have a tribal shamanic identity. He or she may be a doctor or a plumber, a truck driver or an artist, a lawyer or a homemaker.

The work of this shaman is applicable in his or her daily life—in the person’s family, career, community, and religious affiliation. The shaman expresses his or her shamanic practice in everything in which he or she participates in daily life.

This shaman’s path is to knowledge and evolves via direct experience. This experience is unique to the unfolding of Spirit for him or her and has an emphasis on personal truths, not on dogma or belief. The shamanic work is grounded with immutable principles. Yet, because each student shaman is changing, his or her understanding of the principles is unique and evolves with the practice.

The secondary goal of Modern Shamanism is to revitalize the many lives that have grown pale in the light of modern experience. Across the globe, there is a widespread sense of something missing in life. This “something missing” pertains to spirit, wonder, purpose, connection and vision. Modern Shamanism is a unifying approach to all of life and prompts a rediscovery of its great beauty.
We welcome you to join us in this amazing life experience of Modern Shamanism.