Who Participates?

People from every walk of life have joined and participate in Modern Shamanism. When we launched, the immediate attraction was to people with interest in spirituality, mysticism, exploration and connection to spirit. As modern people have been looking deeper at the content of the course, the community, the testimonials and word of mouth, the list of participants has grown to now include celebrities, government officials, business owners, entrepreneurs, physicians, artists, college graduates, retirees, parents, singles, married couples, professionals etc.
People who participate in Modern Shamanism are one of the following:
  • People who want to improve or change aspects of their lives in a meaningful and enduring manner.
  • People who have tried different mainstream and new-age programs but found that those programs have not worked for them long term.
  • People who want to explore spirituality with shamanic tools.
These are people who consider that life is an ongoing opportunity that they want to fulfill.
The word of mouth and loyalty of the participants has been key to the growth of Modern Shamanism among the western culture because of the misconception that this is a traditional practice. The truth is that it is a modern practice, which incorporates new and ancient techniques. Modern Shamanism has within it the tools to transform any and every aspect of a modern person's life, while enriching it with enchantment and beauty.