After just a couple of weeks

20-thumb by Mark Flaherty
Birmingham, United Kingdom

After just a couple of weeks practicing Modern Shamanism I am already finding that the way I experience life is changing. With only a few simple exercises I have discovered a connection to spirits that wasn't previously in my life. The beauty of Modern Shamanism is that it adapts to my life, rather than me having to change to fit the process. It is merely a change of perspective that is required, rather than wholesale lifestyle changes. The daily activities take only a few minutes and enable me to keep my connection to spirit as I go through my normal day.

As suggested in the course, I have twice asked for specific real world signs to prove to me that the spirits are really with me and not just a figment of my imagination and, to my surprise, both times these signs have appeared shortly afterwards. I am excited to see how my life unfolds as I continue to follow this course.

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