Modern Shamanism has taught me the navigation skills to explore that inner kingdom

by Deirdra, Ireland

"Did you ever feel that a false view of human existence has been substituted for the real meaning and purpose of life? And that
if you only happened upon the right tool, you'd be able to hack through to some kind of Truth of who you really are? Have you tired of chasing your own tail through the labyrinth of endless systems of false prophet self-development schemes?

I don't know about you, but I abandoned the external search for Meaning when I began to realize, through the learning and practice of Modern Shamanism, that the deep yearning for True Knowledge and personal freedom wasn't going to be satisfied "out there". A certain Middle Eastern shaman once asserted that "the Kingdom of God is within".

He wasn't kidding!

As a philosophy and a practice, Modern Shamanism has taught me the navigation skills to explore that inner kingdom. It's taught me to recognise that we're our own jailers but equally, our own liberators. It provides a set of co-ordinates and road maps to embark on the interior adventure of a lifetime. And while every traveller has to make their own way, its practical system outlines the pitfalls to avoid and pinpoints the more direct routes. For far too long, I looked outside myself in the mistaken belief that the answer was out there. Now I'm learning that it was within me all the time, and that knowledge alone is creating radical and promising change in all aspects of my life. There's a whole lot more life in my living these days!"

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